A Promise To Myself

A Promise To Myself

In an effort to avoid sounding preachy or drawn out, I wanted to offer some simple advice for those who are interested in posting their webcomics to the public.

You’ll have moments where others won’t recognise your talent. You’ll also have some harsh critics who think your artwork sucks. Heck, you may find yourself wanting to stop all together if you don’t have enough social or financial currency.

My advice? Put your passion first. The rest will come later. Better yet, don’t think about seeking fame or fortune. Create your comics based on how you feel and what messages you want to share with your audience.

When I started my comics, my hope was to spread joy, humour and bits of wisdom through this art form with cows. Sure, I do have a donation page and art print store set up. But, I don’t make it as much of an emphasis. Why? Because I feel content in my journey. My artwork is a reflection of myself. If folks want to chip in, great. Same goes with sharing. But at the end of the day, I’m happy in sharing a piece of my soul to the world.

I do hope the above wasn’t too drawn out 😆



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