Can Monday Be Over?

Not to sound like a brat, but I really did enjoy my weekend of solitude. Still not over it 😭 Managed to create some more comics, while catching up on some shows via Netflix. Weather is getting colder, which is perfect. Can’t wait to indulge in more heartier soups, especially.

How did you spend your weekend?



An Introverted Weekend

No partying for me. Just peace and quiet, until the new weekend starts 😴

Being an introvert has its ups and downs. I remember feeling antsy and moody whenever I go to events. It takes a lot of effort for me to get out of the house and do something “social.” I really try my hardest, promise! But the siren song of books, Netflix and take out food lures me back inside my cave 😂

Some people assume that I’m too quiet for my own good. In reality, I’m pretty selective and also mindful on what I say and do. It’s the reason why I create these comics – to channel out my feelings and emotions. Some things are hard to convey verbally. But I can do so with this medium.

How do you spend your weekends? Would love to hear your thoughts.



The First Snowfall in NYC 2018

Snow has officially arrived today in NYC. It’s a beautiful sight. At least, for me.

I can think of wonderful memories related to the snowy weather. Having a hot cup of tea/cocoa with some pastries makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

I could care less in gaining weight with all of the food that I’m eating 😂 #plussizeforever #nodietforme

Let me know if you’re encountering snow at your area! Would love to hear your thoughts 💭



How are you feeling?

Us humans have an interesting way in displaying our emotions. There’s no black and white definition as to how one should feel. It always helps to talk to someone if you’re not sure how to cope. Reach out to someone – be it a trusted friend, family member, counsellor, mentor, etc.

Don’t keep your emotions bottled up. Let your voice be heard. I’m rooting for you.



RIP Stan Lee

I wish I could say it was a shock to see him pass away. Given with the recent news and images of himself, he definitely showed signs of illness. I’m really sad that he passed away.

I have been a fan of Marvel Comics since I was first introduced many years ago, when I first saw Spider-Man in theatres. I loved his cameos from all of the Marvel movies. Always made me chuckle and thought he had a great personality. He was definitely a real life superhero. Stan Lee served in the US Army Signal Corps during WWII from 1942 – 1945.

Here’s to the legend himself. May you rest peacefully in the heavens. Created with Procreate with comic text and bubbles from Comic Life.



Weekend, Next

How I feel at the beginning of the week versus how I feel at the end.

Work has been pretty busy on my end, but I’m grateful for the help. Still, it makes me smile to see folks liking my comics and sharing them.

What are your weekend plans? Also, how do you cope when dealing with a fast-paced week?

Would love to hear your thoughts 🐮