Spending Black Friday

Sorry 😐 food is life. Especially when my sweet treats are on sale 🍦 I’m not too keen in potential brawl fights over tech equipment during this time of year. Which is why I wait for Cyber Monday.

Funny story happened during Thanksgiving – I wasn’t planning to do any shopping at our local mall. Until the Google WiFi started to crap out in my home while working. Needless to say, it was an interesting drive in the middle of the night getting the network extenders for another router. The crowd wasn’t too bad at Best Buy. Still, it was nice to tune out the noise with an audiobook while I was waiting online to purchase the network devices.

Mercury Retrograde is no joke. It really messed up our tech devices. Looks like I’ll need to ask the tech gods on getting our network devices up and running smoothly.

Safe travels during this time!



Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Aside from feeling grateful for my family and close friends, I’m thankful that I am able to share my cow comics and animations with everyone. While I don’t look at viewership as much, it’s amazing to see many of you liking and commenting on my comics.

Really, you are udderly fantastic 🐮

I used to cook for Thanksgiving. Then, laziness crept up and decided not to go forward. Until my husband and I discovered that our local Popeyes restaurant has a Cajun turkey for sale. Ever since then, we make it a tradition to buy it. Saves us from seasoning the turkey.

What are you grateful for on Thanksgiving? Any plans for the day? Would love to hear your thoughts 💭