Chasing Social Media Happiness

There was a time that I felt anxious about my social media presence. Moments I’ve found myself in a state of anguish, depression and feeling like I’m not worthy enough. After spending some time talking with my close family and friends (even making trips to see the doctor), I realize that part of the problem was taking a lot of things I’ve seen on social media to heart.

So I decided to go on a social media break to help reconnect with myself. It was a rough journey in getting back to the state of things. When I’ve reentered back in the social media scene, I was able to look at the platforms with a clearer picture and mindset. I no longer feel tied to comparing myself with larger followings or going after verified check makes for the sake of making myself look good.

Social media can be a good place to connect and share your thoughts, if done correctly.

I want you to know that it’s okay to take social media breaks. If you need to focus on your health, please do so. That’s more important than getting likes and comments. You can’t take social currency to the grave.

How do you cope with seeing negative reactions on social media? Would love to hear your thoughts.



Soup of the Day

I know it’s cheesy, but I couldn’t help making this comic 😆 you can tell that I’m not a huge fan of Mondays.

I try my best to breathe and make a list on what needs to be taken care of. I find that having something in order makes me feel like I have my crap together.

How do you stay sane on Mondays? Would love to hear your thoughts 💭



The only heart for me

I’m a romantic person. This comic strip sums up my feelings for my partner. We’ve been together for many years, and I can’t imagine life without him.

He makes me feel like a queen and knows my moods very well without judgement.

Let me know in the comments on who has your heart 💓



I just wanna stay home

It’s Monday. Another start of the week and almost close to Christmas. I’m thankful to have avoided (or at least, canceled) any pending invites during the holiday season.

Not to sound like a Grinch but…staying home, reading my books while sipping tea is ideal for me. Growing up, I was never invited to parties or attended any clubs. I didn’t find them intriguing. Probably because of the time it takes to travel and being in a room full of crowded people makes me feel anxious.

I’m pretty sure I’ve let down some folks who were hoping to see me. It’s not that I’m being mean. I just can’t cope in high strung social situations. Being an introvert has its ups and downs.

Do you feel this way? Let me know in the comments below.



Spending Black Friday

Sorry 😐 food is life. Especially when my sweet treats are on sale 🍦 I’m not too keen in potential brawl fights over tech equipment during this time of year. Which is why I wait for Cyber Monday.

Funny story happened during Thanksgiving – I wasn’t planning to do any shopping at our local mall. Until the Google WiFi started to crap out in my home while working. Needless to say, it was an interesting drive in the middle of the night getting the network extenders for another router. The crowd wasn’t too bad at Best Buy. Still, it was nice to tune out the noise with an audiobook while I was waiting online to purchase the network devices.

Mercury Retrograde is no joke. It really messed up our tech devices. Looks like I’ll need to ask the tech gods on getting our network devices up and running smoothly.

Safe travels during this time!